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Mumsy Dearest and one of my little sisters came to visit us in Scotland, which is one of the reasons I’ve been so little around lately. Wave hello:

phone box

We found a phone box.

We spent the first few days seeing the sights in Edinburgh while they got acclimated to the climate and the time zone. Happily, those first few days were dry and even, on occasion, sunny. I believe they started with the impression that we had exaggerated the extremes of Scotland’s summers. (They were disabused of this notion the first night we set up a tent. But that’s later.)

The first night, we walked around a bit to get a feeling for the city.

Edinburgh Castle

This is Edinburgh Castle. You’ll see it again.

Look at all the phone boxes!

phone boxes

Truly, we are now in Britain. (But not England. Definitely not England.)

The photos from this trip are a collaborative effort, in that we have no idea who took most of them.

public garden

A public garden, established circa 1912.

Stay tuned for further adventures and gratuitous photographic evidence!