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Really, the question is, why isn’t yours?

Let me introduce you to 8 meters of olive green linen.

It came, with all of its other friends who are destined for Raglan (a week-long re-enactment at a castle in Wales), in these beautiful bags.

moose and bags

I had had some difficulty with the order, but these unexpected bags wiped it right out of my mind. I’m easy that way. I really dislike animosity, and I really like bags.

Moose and bags

I also like moose. (But I am not collecting moose; let’s be very clear here.)

Naturally, I prewashed the linen before cutting, and naturally, I didn’t put it in the dryer. Partially because I don’t have a dryer, but partially because it’s really not good for linen. 8 meters of linen, meet 4.5 meters of living room.

green linen

Tent! And my scouting mug. It seemed to match the tent.

green linen tent

And here’s its cousin, 6 meters of grey herringbone, with which I have fallen madly in love.


This is hanging across the hallway–the hooks for the drying rack are on the left–and draped over the door to our bedroom. In a house this small, you do what you have to.

Since I’m leaving for the US in less than a week (!), I’ve been working on all of the small things that need to be done before a big trip. Buying summer clothes was the first item on the list. Since I moved here, I’ve worn out (dance class) or grown out of most of my summer clothes, but since I haven’t needed them since the last time I was home, they fell by the wayside. Until I remembered that it’s likely to be in the eighties in the Boston area in July. After the 50-odd-degree days that have characterized this summer in Scotland so far, I am so ready for some summer.

So to prepare, I did what comes naturally in the summer: I wrapped Christmas presents.

penguin-wrapped Christmas presents

No, I have no idea where your penguin calendar went. Why do you ask?

You know, with this color scheme, penguin paper would be even better for Channukah. It’ll be the new big thing. Tell your friends.

Happy June.