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“If Möbius weren’t dead already…” I said, holding up what would (eventually) be a pair of trousers.

“You’d punch him. Repeatedly,” finished my husband.

“Oh, wait a sec. No, it turns out I’m just not old enough to wear pants.” Having wrangled them to a more trouser-like mien, the murderous look faded from my eyes.

“It would have been interesting, though, to have Möbius pants.”

“It would, until I tried to wear them. Wearing Moebius pants on a plane is like… bringing whisky to school in a Acme Klein Bottle. It doesn’t work.”

“Bringing whisky to school. In a Klein bottle. Right.”

o O o

“If Möbius & Klein isn’t the name of a company, it needs to be. I”ll have to start it.”

“Möbius & Klein, hm?” He clearly wasn’t seeing the potential here.

“Yes, Möbius & Klein.” I went on with some regret. “The logo probably won’t be able to be rendered in 3D space, though.”