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Try to ignore the glare from the 3-story blue tent protecting the BBC stage. The one that’s set up, as it is every August, right outside my office window. Pout a little.

Is that the Proclaimers? I meet the eyes of the guy at the desk across from me. No. It couldn’t be.

Check internet. It totally is.

Bagpipes. Unrelated to the Proclaimers. What’s next, Haggis falling from the sky? Highland dancers in kilts? (Usually I have to wait for graduation for kilts on campus.)

The sultry sounds of Sunshine on Leith. My deskmate and I fangirl silently. It’s nice that someone else understands.

Leftover haggis for dinner because I’d promised NTS the day before that we would use it up before it went off. Complete coincidence. I wanted Mexican.

For your viewing pleasure: a video of David Tennant singing with the Proclaimers (disclaimer: may not be suitable for music majors). You’re welcome.