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1. A refrigerator full of homemade ginger beer and a beautiful jar of kombucha (probiotic soda made from tea) from my new SCOBY


2. A newfound appreciation for silk scarves. And old ladies who kindly donate them to charity shops where grad students can afford them.


3. The artistic talents of a sister (the best belated Christmas letter ever)


4. Homemade organizer pockets for my backpack


5. Going to Iceland on our anniversary this year. Partly for a conference. But mostly because Iceland has been the top item on our (well, my) Europe bucket list, and it’s time. Also, three cheers to airbnb for costing literally half of what a hotel would have cost. In case you’re not familiar, this is a site where you can rent rooms or whole flats from people in various cities. Everyone I know who’s used it has had good experiences with it. So we’ll be staying in a cute little Icelandic flat with a kitchen and tiny yard, instead of a hotel. Because we’re going to Iceland.

I’m just a little excited. Can you tell? I just booked the tickets and flat today, so I’m still riding that high.

BRID calls NTS at work. Hi, sweetie. I see there’s a good deal on flights to Iceland today. I’m going to buy them now, ok?

NTS  …

Right. You do that.

o O o

Happy weekend!