My poor deserted darlings. I know what will cheer you up. Pictures from Islay, the tiny island with a high whisky content. (Whisky, in case you’re wondering, is Scotch, while whiskey is an Irish distillation.) Home to eight very fine distilleries, mostly specializing in deliciously peated whiskies. Three guesses how many of them we visited.


If you said, “all of them”, you’re right. Take a drink.


The tasting room at Ardbeg, our first distillery.

Our very first tour. We walked in just in time for the 10am tour. “It’s a five dram tour and tasting,” the girl behind the desk said. “Is that all right?”


So this was the sight that confronted us at 11am on a Friday morning.

To my credit, I made tasting notes for all of them. While partying with a group of Germans who were also on the tour.


Some highlights of my tasting notes from Ardbeg:

10 Year
– good introduction to Islay peats for noobs

Perpetuum Distillery Release
– sweet desserty taste
– good with smoked fish, dry cheese (smoked gouda?), dark chocolate
– Strong as fuck 49%

  – tastes like the good parts of sherry




Then we returned to our rental cottage for a hearty brunch. Nothing like pancakes to soak up your morning Scotch.


Tune in later for more the ocean, a cute wee doggy, and lots and lots of whisky.