Islay, part 1 can be found here.


No pictures from Caol Ila. But we did learn to pronounce it, thus putting to rest the speculation of so many parties.


Malting (germinating) barley.



Toddler in the smoking shed. Got to start ’em young.


Which is not to say they’re not explicit about workplace safety.


Malt mill.



The holding tanks hold 8 tonnes of malted barley. Eight.


This is just the very top of a barrel (the mash tun) that goes down a good story and a half below the slat platform.


The yeast doing its work in the giant mash tun. The yeast turn the sugar water, made from soaking the ground malted barley in hot water, into a sort of beer. It would be refreshing if cold, but it leaves a weird aftertaste; it’s definitely not for drinking at this stage.


This guy, on the other hand, is all for drinking.

Bowmore whiskies are delicious. Some tasting notes (mine, not the ones on the boxes):

Bowmore 12
– smooth and very rich
– delicious for evening sipping

Distillery Strength, 13 year
– rich & very strong
– excellent finish, lingers for a long time
– great for really slow sipping

Tempest 10 year
– light & grassy, light oak leaf notes (like Cairn O’Mohr oak leaf wine)
– tastes like spring, like germinating barley & young grass