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The first iced coffee of the season, and a patch of sunshine to enjoy it on. Oh frabjous day!

I don’t have an instagram account. (At least, I don’t think I do. Not like that twitter account that’s theoretically open somewhere in the interwebs. Lurking beneath the surface with all of the wrecked ships, which sink to that magical depth where pressure and buoyancy cancel each other out and drift, out of sight, for time uncounted. Right next to my LiveJournal account.)

You would think, therefore, that you would be safe from pictures of other people’s lunches here at FarOuterHebrides. Today you are, technically, since this is dinner. I’m not sure that’s any indication of moral ascendancy on my part though.


On the other hand, I really want to show off these Reubens and quasi-Rachels (Leahs?) piled with homemade sauerkraut and sauerruben (like sauerkraut, but made with julienned turnip/swede). Ascendancy be damned.

After starting sweet potatoes for dinner last night, I decided the time was ripe to check up on my sauerkraut. My last batch was terrible, I think because the cabbage wasn’t wet enough. Compounded with the fact that I’m not sure I’d ever tasted saurkraut before, except on hot dogs. This time I compensated by skipping the massaging step (it’s not like I wanted to make my sauerkraut mushier, anyway) and pouring in water until there was a good half inch of standing brine above the top layer.

Mindful of my previous failure, I had sort been ignoring the neglected ferment on my counter, hoping it would go away. Last night I finaly bit the bullet and opened it.


BRID Does this taste like sauerkraut to you?

NTS Maybe? I’ve only had it maybe once. It’s very… mustardy.

BRID The amount of mustard seed I put in there will do that, yes. But what are we going to do with it? It’s too salty to eat on its own. I wish I had some pastrami. Like that’s going to happen here.

NTS Pulls pastrami out of the fridge.

BRID Seriously? But anyway, there’s nothing to put it on.

NTS Pulls out entire loaf of rye bread.

BRID You’ve got to be joking.


Welcome to my home, the delicatessen of Edinburgh. Pickle?

Sauerkraut recipe and sauerruben recipe. As mentioned, I didn’t massage either of these, just mixed the veg with the appropriate amount of salt, let sit 15 minutes, packed it into jars, and covered with water to about half an inch above the top of the veg. I didn’t notice any taste difference between my first batch of sauerruben, which I duly massaged, and this unmassaged batch. Thus laziness prevails.