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I keep scaring myself of blogging with images of trolling through the glut of photos we took in Iceland, or enumerating all the things that have been keeping me from blogging. Bugger that. If you can’t write ten pages every day, write a paragraph. So here are some right-sized snippets from my life. I’m pretty sure nobody reads this blog for the cogent explanations, anyway. No use setting yourself up for that much disappointment.

1. My new summer houppelande, for Raglan


2. A candle to lighten the darker hours of my research, as I enter the final phase of dissertating


3. And a little something for after


4. A great big basket of Christmas presents to take home this summer (in my signature Earth-friendly wrappings)


5. And a hobby to keep some summer in the house when winter rolls around again (and keep me sane in the meantime)