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People prepare for big events in different ways. This is especially true in a community that re-enacts lifestyles that span eight centuries, none of them recent. (Unless you’re a medieval researcher. I have been heard to absentmindedly dismiss things after 1350 as “too modern”.)

Some people hand-sew insane garb. Others brew and infuse wild concoctions. Some of us–those travelling by train with only their suitcases, perhaps–marshal our wild organizational skills.


(The short handle and drawstring were inspired by this bag. The size, pockets, bottle loops and execution are my own design.)

Meet my feast bag. In a world where you can’t fit a basket in an overhead bin, this beauty has been on my to-do list for a long time.


I’m not sure how a simple bag took as long as it did to sew. The french seams, reinforced pocket corners, and serging may have contributed slightly. But now it has every feature I’ve been wanting in a feast bag. Including–and this is key–the ability to pack flat.


Yes, it has a whisky pocket. Two, in fact.

As far as garb goes, I hope my two gowns and three shifts will suffice. It’s not like I’m going to western Pennsylvania.


Although, on that subject, you know you’re from Scotland when you look forward to visiting Wales for the warm, dry weather.