I’m still neck-deep in dissertation-writing, but the worst–the first draft–is over. As of Friday, I had dissertation leaking out my ears, to the point that I couldn’t write anything. So I gave up on writing for the weekend to enjoy Edinburgh while we were still here.

Edinburgh Castle hadn’t changed noticeably since the last time we were there, but it was sunny. I spent a fair portion of our leisurely time there ogling the art deco carvings and gargoyles of the Scottish National War Memorial. It was built in a style to harmonize with the fifteenth-century parts of the castle–you wouldn’t suspect that it was built in the twenties by the architecture. Until you see the inscription over the door, and the clean lines of the plaques and statues. I have to say, art deco gargoyles are the best. (One lion has feathered wings, the other dragony wings.)

And NTS discovered my favorite adult coloring book ever. Or should I say, my favourite colouring book?