So. Not dead.

Have you ever reached a point in your life where you were so stressed and focused on a single goal that any extra task seemed like a boulder too heavy to lift? A task like, for instance, posting to your blog to say that you needed to go on hiatus to finish your dissertation early so you could get a job?

Yeah. That happened. And then I got a job. And then my contract ended and I was unemployed, which felt like a horrible time to start blogging again. Then I graduated. (Academic life is weird.)

So now I’m a doctor of linguistics! Also still unemployed, but back in the US. And, most importantly for this blog, doing more crafty things than ever. Honestly, I should have skipped the doctorate and debt and practiced being poor and crafty.

Either way, you get to enjoy pictures of what I’ve been up to. It has been killing me to finish all these brilliant crafts and not be able to share them because they were Yule presents. Killing me, I say. Enjoy this selection of Candlenights presents, carefully curated for your inspiration.

We have a kitty now! She likes to nap with NTS on the very classy couch that we bought as grown ups.